Executive Coaching

Culture is a vital part of every organization's foundation. This is why FACET has designed an executive coaching program to ensure the C-suite is occupied by people who are not only capable of fulfilling their positions but are also solid fits for their companies' cultures.

How FACET's Executive Coaching Supports Your Organization

FACET's customized executive coaching programs are designed to analyze and prescribe remedies for the many pains that can arise in day-to-day operations, as well as during times of critical change. We support our clients' senior leadership teams by providing:

  • Quality growth plans
  • Fundamental HR consulting services
  • Success factor descriptions
  • Compensation plan evaluation

Why You Need FACET's Executive Coaching Programs

Our programs are designed to make sure your senior leadership is aligned with the overall vision and mentality of your company. We accomplish this by implementing:

  • Key executive coaching
  • New leader assimilation for all levels
  • HR organization for new companies
  • HR reorganization for growing companies
  • Management intervention

Our experts first evaluate the team as a whole. From there, we provide personal assessments for each team member. If an individual proves to be incompatible with the company, we convert the coaching fee into an outplacement fee. This allows both the employee and the company to find the best fit for them.

The FACET Difference

Employee satisfaction is the key to any company's success. FACET's executive coaching services help you to identify critical areas for improvement and build a team that cares about your people, assimilates to your culture and core values, and drives results.

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