The ‘Interview Master’
Senior Career Strategist

Dave Knibbe, PhD., brings over 40,000 hours of professional practice and business school teaching experience to every assignment.

Prior to joining FACET, Dr. Knibbe has worked with approximately 5,000 corporate leaders, professionals, and business school students in all phases of the career advisory process. He has earned the title “Interview Master” from his coaching and training in the science-based process of interviewing best practices, which has resulted in hundreds of people realizing long-term career roles and placement in professional schools and positions.

Dr. Knibbe’s coaching process consists of two key parts: 1) Understanding best practices involved for interviewees; and 2) Intensive telephone video practice. When Candidates see themselves in action, they readily discern both their strengths and weaknesses—and quickly make crucial improvements in their interviewing presence and style.

Dave earned his Ph.D. from the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University. He also served as an Adjunct Professor of Management Practice at the following business schools: UCONN, University of Utah, BYU, and the University of Texas.