Senior Career Strategist
Director, Resume & Career Center

Carol Adams is a Certified Professional Resume Writer with 20+ years of writing, editing and public relations experience. As our senior resume specialist, she combines her skill with the English language and a keen understanding of marketing strategies to provide our clients with outstanding personal branding products that get results. As a job search and career consultant to our outplacement clients, she provides a unique viewpoint for individuals seeking to change jobs or enhance their careers.

Prior to joining FACET as the Director of the Resume & Career Center, she worked with public relations firms and organizations across the Southwest and Southern United States, writing for and managing dozens of corporate and non-profit organization accounts.

Carol’s background in research writing, editorial coordination and design of client publications and marketing materials is extensive. To boost our client’s chances for success, she constantly monitors trends in hiring and job-searching, and has written hundreds of articles about career growth and job-changing, along with hundreds of newspaper, magazine and web content articles on myriad subjects.

As a testament to her skill, Carol’s resumes and cover letters have been featured in collaborative publications such as “How to Write a Better Resume,” and “Top Resume and Cover Letter Samples.”

She previously received the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Silver Excalibur Award for Excellence in Writing (PRSA-Houston, TX), and a Silver Telly Award for Video Production/Script Writing.

Carol holds a B.A. in English from Birmingham-Southern College in Birmingham, AL.